Part 8 R E D

The Ensemble


The storyteller doesn’t work without an audience. This was for me the most fun to write and the most interesting part of the movie RED.  The audience.  Milton’s audience in the film would be composed of a small and tight group of people working in the central market who would go to a corner every day for a break from work and would listen to Milton tell them stories.

I’m so happy working with these people. Their scenes are the most fun to watch in the film and it is for me the best and closest rendition in the script. I wish I had more time to cover and feature each one. And to be honest, we didn’t do much. We got such great actors that all we had to do was explain the mechanics and each of  their characters and they just did their thing and we filmed them. Amazing ensemble work!

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I think this is the foundation of the movie RED. And I’m glad we casted a very strong foundation.


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