All this time, I’ve bashed myself at being a flaker.  Picture this.

Someone invites me to a party.  I say yes. And I mean it. I really mean it when I say yes. I’m actually excited to go to the party.

Party day comes, I’m still psyched.

As I’m doing my thing, I dress up and the heaviness starts.  But I do dress up.  Then I go back to whatever it is I’m doing– usually it involves my laptop.

Then I delay and say to myself “I’ll be a little late, it won’t matter, it’s a party”.

And then I start to take off my shoes. And then my socks. And then my shirt. And then at some point I say to myself “they won’t miss me, it’s a party, I should finish what I’m doing, I have to do this…”

Another party flaked on.

My new year’s resolution was just this– to attend every party I say yes to.  And last night, I flaked on one again.  And I wanted to go but I was fixated on this script I was writing, again.  And this morning, I read this article and it all made sense.  I’m just a selfish creative bastard is why.

My mistake is that I don’t say No.  And I should.  Hmmm.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.23.25 AM




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