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All this time, I’ve bashed myself at being a flaker.  Picture this.

Someone invites me to a party.  I say yes. And I mean it. I really mean it when I say yes. I’m actually excited to go to the party.

Party day comes, I’m still psyched.

As I’m doing my thing, I dress up and the heaviness starts.  But I do dress up.  Then I go back to whatever it is I’m doing– usually it involves my laptop.

Then I delay and say to myself “I’ll be a little late, it won’t matter, it’s a party”.

And then I start to take off my shoes. And then my socks. And then my shirt. And then at some point I say to myself “they won’t miss me, it’s a party, I should finish what I’m doing, I have to do this…”

Another party flaked on.

My new year’s resolution was just this– to attend every party I say yes to.  And last night, I flaked on one again.  And I wanted to go but I was fixated on this script I was writing, again.  And this morning, I read this article and it all made sense.  I’m just a selfish creative bastard is why.

My mistake is that I don’t say No.  And I should.  Hmmm.

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Rare: A family complete

7 siblingsEvery now and then you get a chance to witness a family coming together and ironically, as the world supposedly has become smaller, this has become rather rare.  This is the family of my mom. I took this in Lakawon island back in 2007 I think. These siblings haven’t been complete in 13 years until this time so this is one of those rare moments.

Men do not learn very much from the lessons of history. And that is the most important of all the lessons of history.  (Aldous Huxley)




Must-read!  Outliers literally hooked me into reading. Loved Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and Tipping Point but this was brilliant, I think.  I loved it so much, I searched for the writer’s email and wrote him asking when his next book will come out. And he replied.  He’s actually fun to watch on TED and his other speaking engagements which you can find on Youtube.

Talent Code is a must for parents and educators. It’s as brilliant as Outliers. When you’ve read both, it will give you a whole new insight into education, learning and achieving.

Talent Code