My happiness project.


2010 to present, we’re still a small company and we like it that way. We get to do everything ourselves so it’s still personal.  Yeah, that’s our specialty, being personal with every project, every problem, every solution.

There is no fascination with the number 7.  It just so happened that all the short films I did back then unintentionally had a number 7 in their title.  And so it’s almost funny to stick to this number. Hey, maybe it’s my lucky number, who knows?

We started with this sharp mustard yellow Seven logo and went on to the softer non-logo branding “Let us tell your story”.

We’re still evolving but committed. I’ve grew up reading and hearing people reach their twilight years wanting to do what they’ve always wanted but never having done it…or some of them do it when they’re quite old.  I’ve always said to myself that I won’t live that way.  I will do what I want when it is clear to me what that is.  And so I chose to do films and work with NGO’s. And I’ve never looked back ever since.

I will always keep on making films and working with NGO’s.

I realize that happiness is when you’re where you want to be and you’re with people you want to be with. That makes me a happy man.

An NGO-service provider, we set up Seventh Films specifically to help them (NGO’s) do their work of advocacy… help them fix the world so-to-speak.

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